About Kirkley Village
Objectives of the Association
To maximise the prosperity of Kirkley by making it a desirable place to live, work and trade.
To work with all Kirkley based businesses and organisations in a spirit of good will, unity and friendship.
So who are we?
We are a group of Kirkley business and organisations working to make Kirkley a better place to live and work. We are the link between authorities, organisations, and businesses to ensure Kirkley has a voice regarding regeneration, tourism, and business-related directives, decisions, and projects. We are also on the panel of the Waveney Business Forum which enables Kirkley to collaborate with other business associations across the region.
  • Established over 50 years ago
  • Currently has 35 members
What are the subs used for?
Our subs form a small part of the money spent each year to promote, enhance, and advertise Kirkley as a wonderful place to visit, shop, and live. Other money comes from fund raising activities, donations, and successfully accessing funding allocations.
Why do we meet?
The monthly meetings are our chance to be updated on what’s going on in our business world, to plan our strategies and to agree on reactive and proactive moves. We have monitored a marked improvement in many aspects of Kirkley and are determined to keep the ‘onward & upward’ trend going. Like most associations we have elected officers for certain duties but we also rely on the skills and input of the whole team to make us successful.
Meets on the first Wednesday of each month - please check 'What's On' for further details or email admin@kirkleyvillage.org.
What do we need?
YOU – new members with fresh ideas are very welcome. There's no committment to find out about us. You are welcome to just come along to one of our meetings as a taster to see if Kirkley Business Association is right for you.
Annual membership is £30.00.
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KBA 'Role Overview' Documents
The KBA Constitution is available to download here.
Please download our Role Overview documents below.
Vice Chairperson
Membership & Funding Secretary
(Press) Communication Officer
Liaison Officer
Tourism Liaison Officer
Events Co-ordinator
Annual Festivities Co-ordinator
Aesthetics Co-ordinator